I get some people may take it as an attack on their faith or religion. Understand that nobody is angry with anyone for their faith in God or Creator (there is only one! I want the catholic churches, the USA government and Canadian government accountable for all the lost children in all our first nations communities. Dont get it twisted what works for you is fine it isn’t saying your faith in God or Creator is wrong and it isn’t saying native spirituality is better. But also don’t gloat about how devoted you are to a religion that has taken so many, now is not the time. All that matters is that we all believe in a higher power and try to become better human beings! Nobody is mad at God/Creator, it is the Priests and Nuns that did this to our ancestors and grandparents! Please Love and respect for the children and all that are still missing #everychildmatters #residentialschool
I want people to be aware. To help us heal. To make those who should be held accountable, be accountable. The church admitted more or less to the sexual atrocities it did in the USA to the main steam cultures. We want at the very least the same acknowledgment.



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