Echoes of the Four Directions is a coming together of Native American Indian individuals from various tribes, for the purpose of Providing American Indians and non -native American Indians information and education in regards to Native American Indians and our culture. One of the ways we do this is with EDUCATIONAL and CULTURAL PRESENTATIONS.

Echoes of The Four Directions will guide and assist you in conducting research for tracing tribal ancestry or tribal affiliation. (no fees involved).

CULTURAL DIVERSITY – Echoes of the Four Directions is available as a consultant and or facilitator for both general diversity training and or customized Native American diversity training.

The following is a list of what we offer.

1. Speaker – you may pick a topic or we can suggest one for you.
FEE $50.00

2. Speaker and native display such as beadwork, artifacts, silverwork, rattles, etc. – display items are explained and discussed. (This is our most requested program).
FEE $75.00

3. Native flute playing, talk and demonstration.
FEE $50.00

4. Native Silver smith demonstration.
FEE $50.00

5. Native bead work demonstration.
FEE $50.00

6. Native Story telling.
FEE $50.00

7. Native intertribal social dancing demonstration.
FEE $50.00

8. Native woman’s traditional shaw dancing demonstration.
FEE $50.00

9. Native children’s games and crafts (this is usually reserved for events such as festivals).
Fee $100.00

10. Samples of Native foods such as corn soup, boiled peanuts, Native chili, fry bread, and native beverages. FEE 150.00 and up

Note: If your program requires Echoes of the Four Directions to travel more than 50 miles one way, there is a minimum of $100.00 a program. Programs can be combined to meet the minimum fee.


If you, your group, organization or school are interested in any of the listed programs, or even something that is not listed, please e-mail us at to discuss it. If we are able to sell our art, or food at your function, we may be able to negotiate a discount on the fees listed, or arrange a trade. Our programs can be geared to any age range from daycare level, to university and senior citizen age. We do festivals, cultural events, civic events, historical programs and so on.

Specializing in, but not limited to “Eastern Woodlands Cultures.”