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Magic Lake Sculpture made with Silver and Lapis

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Magic Lake Sculpture made with Silver and Lapis

A hand hammered ready to hang silver sculpture. Sculpture is mounted in a silver metal frame with 4 custom cut mats in 2 shades of blue, and black and white. The sculpture represents the Cherokee story of Magic Lake that would be provided to you with the sculpture The story would be typed in a special format and custom paper that would suitable for framing if desired. The sculpture shows bear, a Cherokee hunter, a beaver from the lake, Red Tailed Hawk flying above the lake, and mountain with a ledge. The sculpture is done in overlay silver and a lake that is represented by a large piece of dark blue Lapis. I make many differnt types of sculptures and will do custom sculptures. This is a unique style and I am the only artist. in the country that does this. I perfer to use my own Cherokee stories, but if you have another in mind we can work on a idea. You can do a search for the Cherokee story Magic Lake and if you read the story the sculpture will come alive before your eyes.

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