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Hiawatha Wampum Belt Shaw

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Hiawatha Wampum Belt Shaw

The shaw is a brushed blend material, the white "wampum" belt is completly edged in white glass seed beads and have the skydome and floral design done in white seed beads completly around the entire edge of the shaw. It is double fringed in white cable round fringe and triple hand knotted with dark purple crow beads in between the knotts. The shaw is lined in the same brushed blend material as the front of the shaw. The original belt design is a visual record of the creation of the League of the Haudenosaunee (also known as the Six Nations or Iroquois). The date of this design is estimated to be over a thousand years old. At the center of the Hiawatha Belt is the Confederacy's symbol, the "Great White Pine," also known as the "Tree of Peace." The center figure also represents the Onondaga Nation where the central council fires reside -- all issues involving the entire Confederacy are debated and decided there. The other Haudenosaunee nations are visualized as squares: on the outer edges are the Mohawks, guardians of the Eastern Door; and the Seneca, Keepers of the Western Door. The Oneida and Cayuga are depicted in the two inner squares; the Tuscarora, the sixth nation in the Confederacy, joined after this Wampum was created.

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