Echoes of the Four Directions
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Celestial Sisters

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Celestial Sisters

My hand hammered silver sculpture reflects the theme of “The Earth Our Mother…The Foundation of Our Exsistence…” because it portrays the Cherokee story of the Celestial Sisters, and how we respect and honor everything on our Mother Earth This is a very old story that is told by the story tellers so that the Cherokee can remember our history, legends and ways of life. The Cherokee Stories are handed down from daughter to daughter, daughter to son, or son to son. These stories remind of us how many things came in to be, and the most important aspect of our life, which is balance. Balance with Man and Woman, Human and Animal, Human and the Spirit World, and Human and the Natural World. Balance with the Four Directions, the Four Races, and the Four Elements. I have matted my piece in the four colors that are sacred to the Cherokee. Red, Black, Blue and White. The Sculpture is hand hammered silver.

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