Echoes of the Four Directions
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Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board Native American Heritage Committee Newsletters

You may download our newsletters in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe PDF Document 2009 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 2008 (June)
Adobe PDF Document “Indian in a Bottle” Exposing people who falsely pretend to be Native American
Adobe PDF Document 2007 (July)
Adobe PDF Document 2006 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 2005 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 2004 (July)
Adobe PDF Document 2003 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 2002 (July)
Adobe PDF Document 2001 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 2000 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 1999 (June)
Adobe PDF Document 1998 (May)
Adobe PDF Document 1997 (September)

The newsletters above are in Adobe PDF format.

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