Echoes of the Four Directions
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Chief Wilma Mankiller (Western Cherokee) And Earl Dingus
Cherokee Everlasting Life Necklace
Kokopelli (The Flute Player) Pendant/pin Combination With Purple Wampum & Hand Hammered Silver
Council Fire Set With White Wampum, Deer Bone And Sterling Silver
Scorpion Pin Hand Hammered Silver
Four Directions Turtle Pin
Magic Lake Sculpture Made With Silver And Lapis
Deer Pin
Bear Claw, Turquoise, Coral, Silver Earrings
Malakite And Silver Belt Buckle
Beaver And Malacite Pendant
Sterling Silver Hair Comb
Bear Chocker With Silver Bear Paws, Bone, Silver And Crystal Beads
Cherokee "Star" 4 Strand Silver Chocker
Buffalo Horn And Wampum, And Sterling Silver Heavy Triangle Wire Cuff Bracelet
Custom Wedding Ring Set
Silver, Lapis And Peyote Beaded Medicine Wheel Set
Turtle Island Clan Set With Wampum
Cherokee Syllabary/Alphabet Sculpture
Hiawatha Wampum Belt Sculpture
Cherokee Traditions Silver Sculpture
Heart/Eagle Brooch With Amber, Coral, Buffalo Horn, Mother Of Pearl Necklace
Celestial Sisters
Floral Dance Ladies Dance Shaw
Hiawatha Wampum Belt Shaw
Yellow Sculpture
Porcupine Quilled Garters
Green And Yellow Serpentine Snake Necklace
Single Black Bear Claw Necklace
Antique Bone Bear Paw/Hand Print Pendant
Bear Head Necklace On Buffalo Horn Pendant
Dragon Fly Malacite Necklace
Turquoise Eagle/Thunderbird Pendant
Hand/Bear Paw Pendant
Hummingbird With Pink Rose Malakite Necklace
Medicine Wheel With Lapis Necklace
Square Cherokee Everlasting Life (Butterfly) Necklace
Black And White Wampum Necklace
Medicine Shield Pendant With Wampum And Buffalo Horn
Light Purple Wire Wampum Bracelet
Medicine Shield With Wampum And Bone Necklace
Multi Stone Inlayed Wampum Cuff Bracelet
Twice Loomed Beaded Morning Star Necklace
Porcupine Quilled Knife Sheath
Seneca Style Beaded Neckknife Sheath
Seneca Style Beaded Tie
Bear Shield Earrings
End Of The Trail Cuff Wide Cuff Bracelet
Ever Lasting Life For All Our Relations Pin
Wampum, Paua, And Buffalo Horn Rings
Loom Beaded Guitar Strap
Traditional Broochs
Knife Sheaths With Traditional Seneca Beading
Flower Hair Ornament
Beauty Pin Hair Ornament
Guardian Of The Night Broochs
Qulled Knife Sheath
Quilled Knife Sheath And Beaded Knife
Neck Knife Elk Horn And Quill
Traditional Round Broochs
Acorn Traditional Brooch

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